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Washing the hair every day with the shampoo and the lotion is vital. You have to use the lotion for ten days and with each washing, the scabs formed on the scalp will fall. You also have to follow the doctor's instructions.

Patients must protect their scalp against sunburn. The donor and the recipient areas are very sensitive after the operation. It is advisable not to drink alcohol, not to smoke, and to protect yourself from sunburns during the first month after the operation. It is completely forbidden to bathe in pools or in the sea. You should also avoid touching or rubbing the area where the follicles were implanted.

You can leave the hospital after the operation. We provide easy-to-use instructions regarding the post-operation process. Once the patient undergoes a hair transplant surgery, he should bear in mind that the process not only ends when he leaves the hospital but also that he must comply with certain post-operative instructions. As we all know, hair transplantation is mainly for people who have lost a lot of their hair that may have been caused by a variety of reasons. There should be no other reason to return other than an optional one-year follow-up or a second hair implant session if advised from the beginning.

Special care at bedtime is required. You have to raise your head high with a travel pillow that allows you to have your head still when lying down.

You can go home safely the next day after the procedure. We provide easy-to-use instructions regarding the post-operation process. Once the patient undergoes a hair transplant surgery, he should bear in mind that the process not only ends when he leaves the clinical center but also that he must comply with certain post-operative care. As we all know, hair transplantation is mainly for people who have lost a lot of their hair due to baldness. There should be no other reason to return other than an optional one-year follow-up or a second hair implant session if advised from the beginning.

The grafts can be accidentally dislodged during the first 10 days after the operation, so be careful not to rub the area during this period. After 10 days, grafts are firmly fixed and get to be permanent; after 2-3 weeks they can not be dislodged, even by hard scrubbing. A limited number of transplanted hair follicles may fall. This is a normal reaction called "shock loss". There is no need to worry as all hair roots (or follicles) remain healthy and in place; it does not mean that the transplant did not work.

"Fibrosis", commonly known as scarring, is the way skin recovers. Scars in the areas where follicles, where transplanted, are not normally noticeable and the micro-technologies we currently use make them possible scars almost undetectable.

Mild pain may be expected during the first two days after the treatment, caused by anesthesia. But you will recover very fast and you can continue with your daily activitie after 3 days, as long as your doctor allows it.

The hair transplant is a very simple procedure that presents almost no risk to the patient. Before starting the procedure a complete test is performed to ensure that the patient is suitable for the treatment. In very rare cases, an infection may occur because the patient does not completely follow the postoperative instructions. Nevertheless, this is easily treatable with antibiotics.

The operation is not painful. We use local anesthesia to avoid pain, and we provide a painkiller for the first couple of days after the procedure to prevent pain or discomfort. We also work with a special painless type of anesthesia that reduces pain significantly.

Typically, the procedure will take a full day, starting in the morning and ending in the late afternoon. It's a labor-intensive and time-consuming process. In order to obtain a maximum cosmetic result, each phase and every aspect of the process must be completely and sensitively controlled.

Frequently, hair loss begins from the front to the back (because blood circulation in the posterior region is poorer). Since we face everyone directly, it is advisible to cover it the front, first. If the front and the top are covered and the donor area of the patient is sufficient, we will proceed to distribute the follicles in the other areas.

It depends on the hair loss of the individual and the desired density. The main factors other than the density of the donor area is the hair characteristics (such as diameter, color, and waviness).

The hair transplant consists of taking the hair follicles from the donor area, which normally is the back of your head, in a way that does not damage the area and does not leave any marks, and re-implant these follicles on the bald area. This operation is performed under local anesthesia. The extraction is done with special micro-punches that removes the hair roots. On the day of surgery, the entire donor area from the back of the head is trimmed to 1–2 mm length. The patient lies on the operating table. Local anesthesia is administered slowly over the entire donor area. The grafts are then extracted from the donor area with the help of 0.8 special micro-punches. Microcanals will be opened on the bald area and then the extracted grafts will be implanted in the microcanals.

Hair loss is a very common problem in men, but many women also face hair loss problems due to various causes. Whatever the cause, hair transplantation can be successfully performed for all people, men or women, with a sufficient amount of hair follicles. It can also be performed for other body parts such as eyebrows, mustache, and beard.

We provide the best services with affordable prices. Our prices depend on the desired hair transplant technique. We have fixed prices for different methods and all costs include postoperative exams and medications; no additional payment will be required. We go the extra mile to give you the best value for buck with our competitive and affordable prices. You can contact us anytime to learn more about our packages. The packages include 5-star accommodation and airport transfer. We are glad to offer you the best services.

You can first look at the actual photos and testimonies on our site or we can share them with you. If you wish, you can send an e-mail to some of our clients and they will share their experiences. Moreover, we can arrange for you to talk to them, even meet some of them if that is convenient for them. You can request this any time you want!

We guarantee the growth of each implanted hair and if the result is not satisfying, the implant will be redone for free. You will surely be happy with the long-term results and enjoy a significant increase in your self-confidence just like our other patients.

The hair follicles taken from your donor area are genetically and naturally resistant to the factors that caused the fall of your hair in the first place and they will continue to grow throughout life.

The maximum amount of follicles will be transplanted with the operation. With a hair density very close to the initial density, all our customers are very pleased with the results.

The technology for hair transplantation advances and increasingly offers better results. These procedures are based on placing the follicle on the scalp in the same direction, to give the hair a natural look and seek to reach an original distribution of hair that corresponds to each patient, the density, the line of deployment are important aspects that are taken in account before the operation; where age and profile are also in consideration at the time of proceeding. The result of a surgery performed by a professional is to not have areas with alopecia and to look as natural as possible. Because the roots of your own hair are transplanted, your hair will look natural, so the colors and texture of the follicles will be the same. It is important to choose the right procedure and clinic to get the best possible results. When your hair starts to grow, it will be impossible to know which hair was transplanted. Patients generally feel comfortable returning to their daily activities one week after surgery without wearing a hat.

The surgery will take place depending on the patient's requirements in one of our A+ hospitals.

The operation usually takes around 2-3 hours.

Yes. You can breastfeed after you have a breast enlargement operation. The implants do not affect the mother or baby.

Nipple sensitivity usually returns to normal sometime after the breast implant. In some cases, nipple sensitivity may increase or decrease after the operation. It is extremely rare to lose the total sensitivity of nipples.

After liposuction surgery, you need to do physical exercise regularly not to lose the form of your body.

You can have a liposuction surgery to remove any unwated fat on any part of your body. The amount of fat removed only affects the length of the operation and the type of anesthesia used and the stay in the hospital.

The aim of liposuction surgery is to re-form and re-shape the body by removing excess fat from certain parts of the body. Liposuction is not an alternative to a healthy diet and exercise.

Yes. DrPilus offers nose surgery for both cosmetic and medical reasons. With the Septorhinoplasty technique used by our surgeons, you can satisfy your cosmetic and medical expectations. You can have a nose proportional to your face and you can get rid of breathing problems at the same time.