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Latest Technology Services in Hair Transplantation


In FUE, instead of normal blades, sapphire blades are used in order to open the micro-canals in the recipient area. The reason why sapphire blades are used is to minimize the formation of scabs after the operation and significantly accelerate the recovery of the operated area. Scab formation is a natural part of the recovery process after a FUE treatment, but thanks to the novel implementation of the sapphire blades, there will be fewer scabs and the operated area will recover more quickly due to the characteristics of the sapphire blade.






The DHI tecnique is currently known as the most modern and advanced hair transplant technique. The difference between the FUE and the DHI lies in the the different devices used and the way the operation is carried out. Sapphire blades are used in FUE, while in DHI, special pens ,called Choi, are utilized. In FUE, micro-canals have to be opened in order to implant the follicles, which lengthens the recovery period and may cause unncessarry bleeding. While having the hair is necessary in FUE, it is optional in DHI.




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