Facial Hair & Eyebrow Transplant

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Facial Hair and Eyebrow Transplant


Consultations on facial hair and eyebrow transplantation are on the rise. These operations are usually preferred by people whose facial hair or eyebrows are not as dense as they would like. The reasons behind an incomplete and uneven facial hair or eyebrows could be due to genetic predispositions, illnesses or accidents. The standards of beauty may change from culture to culture and an individual may seek this beauty by getting a fuller beard or mustache or having thicker eyebrows. In every case, our clinic is here to help you.

Facial hair transplants use the same technique as hair transplants, the FUE technique; the follicular units are extracted from the back of  the head, then analyzed and organized meticulously, while in the recipient area, incisions are made, creating canals, using special tools to achieve the best results and ultimately, the extracted follicules are inserted into the canals.