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The buttocks, especially in women, are one of the symbols of beauty and attractiveness. The ideal view is one with curved and rounded lines that are not overly defined. There is a significant increase in surgical operations on the buttocks, especially before the summer months, due to patients who want to look good in a bikini. Many factors influence the shape of the buttocks, including age, family structure, gravity, weight gain and loss, and stretch marks. Most of the time, lifting the butt and, on rare occasions, making the butt less prominent and attracting less attention is desired.


What is Brazilian butt lift?

Brazilian butt lift surgery is a fat transfer procedure that improves the size and shape of the butt without the use of implants. Excess fat from the hips, abdomen, waist, or thighs is removed with liposuction, and some of it is strategically injected into the hips.

It is possible to achieve an aesthetic appearance throughout the entire body with surgery. Brazilian butt lift surgery, which helps the patient lose fat in problem areas and strengthens the hips, can help improve the proportions of the lower body if performed by an experienced and successful doctor.

Why is Brazilian butt lift surgery performed?

Genetics is the most important factor in determining everyone's butt shape and proportion. Genetics determines skeletal structure and how the body stores fat. Although muscle strength can be achieved through a regular diet and exercise program, the desired image from the buttock area may not be achieved.

Brazilian buttock lift surgery can help you achieve the look you want for your buttocks. The buttocks, waist, and thighs are reshaped with this procedure. The following are the objectives of Brazilian buttlifting:

  • Developing your lower body's curves
  • Adding fullness to the buttocks while reducing fat pockets in the thighs or abdomen
  • Using clothing to achieve a more aesthetic appearance
  • Giving the flat buttocks a more youthful, aesthetically pleasing shape
  • Establishing a balance between the upper and lower body to develop the body ratio

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How to Perform in Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery?

The surgery to lift the buttocks in Brazil is done in three steps. Liposuction is the first of these. Liposuction is a procedure that removes fat from the waist, thighs, abdomen, and other areas of the body and transfers it to the buttocks. Purified fats are extracted and ready to be transferred to the buttock. To increase the volume of the butt and improve its shape, the surgeon injects fat obtained through liposuction at predetermined points on the butt.

Brazilian buttlift surgery is performed as an outpatient procedure under general or local anesthesia. Because the injected fat does not always replace all of it, more fat is injected than is necessary to achieve a satisfactory result.

Recovery after Brazilian butt lift surgery

Following Brazilian buttlift surgery, the recovery process necessitates some unique adjustments. Pain is felt at a level that can be easily controlled with painkillers, as it is with every post-surgery. The patient should not sit or lie directly on the buttock for about 2 weeks after Brazilian buttlift surgery.

Instead of sleeping on your back, it is recommended that you sleep on your face or side during this time. Except for the toilet, all activities require standing. When the patient is ready to sit, the surgeon positions a pillow under the thighs to allow the patient to sit in a different position. It may take up to two months after the operation to return to a completely normal sitting position.

One week after surgery, if the doctor's recommendations are strictly followed, you can resume your normal activities without heavy physical activity. It is necessary to wait 10-14 days after the operation for business purposes.


Life after Brazilian butt lift surgery

The effects of Brazilian buttlift surgery are meant to last a long time. Liposuctioned fat cells are injected into the buttocks and stay there for years. Consistent and excessive weight gain and loss, on the other hand, may have an impact on the outcomes. As a result, it is critical to maintain a consistent weight in order to avoid losing the benefits of the surgery.

To see the results clearly, you'll have to wait six months. During this time, the patient recovers and the swelling from the surgery subsides. With the position of the clothes on the patient, a more curved buttocks line and a more aesthetic looking lower body ratio gradually become quite noticeable within 6 months.

Brazilian buttlift surgery, when performed by a skilled and successful aesthetic surgeon, is a long-lasting and successful procedure. It is preferable to consult with an aesthetic doctor for more detailed information.

Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery Price

The cost of Brazilian buttlift surgery is the most intriguing aspect of the procedure. Everyone wishes to have a good surgery at a reasonable cost. However, be wary of low-cost surgeries that will undoubtedly appear to be too good to be true. It's important to do some research on the doctor who will always perform the surgery and make sure he or she is board-certified.

Brazilian buttlift surgery is not covered by insurance because it is not considered a medically necessary procedure. The cost of surgery varies depending on a number of factors, including the length of stay in the hospital, the surgeon performing the surgery, and the patient's needs. It is necessary to consult with a doctor for the most accurate information.

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Is the butt shaping process with fat injection permanent?

Brazilian butt lift surgery results in permanent butt shaping. However, 50-60% of the fat injected into the buttocks by liposuction is absorbed within 2-3 months. Depending on how much weight you gain, the remaining tissue grows or shrinks. There's no need to be concerned if the butt is larger than expected right after surgery. The absorption that occurs during the recovery period gives the appearance of being natural.

Is anesthesia required in brezilian butt lift surgeries?

General anesthesia is usually used for Brazilian buttlift surgery.

Are brezilian butt lift surgeries painful?

One of the most frequently asked questions about Brazilian buttlift surgery is whether it is painful. There is no pain because anesthesia is used during the procedure. Mild pain can be felt after the surgery, as it can after other surgeries, and it can be relieved with painkillers.

What is the process like after brezilian butt lift surgery?

After Brazilian buttlift surgery, there is usually no need to stay in the hospital. The patient will be able to return home the same day. However, after the operations involving the removal of the skin in the form of a belt, it may be necessary to stay in the hospital for up to one day.

Two days after the operation, you can begin showering. Sutures used during surgery are usually hidden beneath the skin. Sutures do not need to be removed as a result. Stitches disintegrate on their own. After the operation, a special corset should be worn for one month. When sitting and standing, be cautious.

Exercise can begin 21 days after surgery, as long as it is not strenuous. All activities can be completed after 6 weeks.

Who is suitable for brazilian butt lift surgery?

Brazilian buttlift surgery is a fantastic way to improve the size and shape of your hips. Some patients, on the other hand, are more receptive to the procedure being performed, and it is critical to have realistic expectations about the surgery, recovery, and outcomes. Overall, if you agree with the following, you are probably a good candidate for Brazilian buttlift surgery:

  • If you want to enlarge your buttocks without using implants,
  • If you have a good skin tone on and around your buttocks, you're in luck.
  • If the oils required for injection into the buttocks are available in other areas.

The Brazilian butt lift, despite its name, is not a traditional stretching procedure. does not address the buttocks' loose skin If you're bothered by excess, sagging skin on the hip or thigh, thigh and butt lift surgery may be a better option.

Will there be a scar after the Brazilian butt lift surgery?

There are no scars after the Brazilian buttlift surgery. The reason for this is that there are stitches that are inserted beneath the skin and dissolve over time.