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Women's dissatisfaction with the appearance of their breasts causes significant self-confidence issues. Breast aesthetics allows you to have more attractive breasts.

Breast tissue size in women varies with weight gain and loss, breastfeeding, and genetic structure. Breast aesthetics can be used if the breast is genetically small, sagging from various causes, or has developed deformity over time.

In breast aesthetics, silicone breast prostheses that look natural and do not deform over time are used. These prostheses are used to increase the volume of the breast and to reinforce underdeveloped breast tissue.

Before the operation, the size and type of prosthesis to be used in breast aesthetics are planned by taking into account the patient's breast shape and dimensions, the desired size, and the texture of the breast. The appropriate prosthesis in this planning determines the success of the surgery.

Breast Implant

What exactly is a breast prosthesis?

A breast prosthesis is used in breast aesthetic procedures to mimic breast tissue in order to achieve the desired fullness. These prostheses are known as implants or silicones.

While the outside of these prostheses is made of hard silicone, the inside is soft and gel-like. These prostheses, which are typically a few millimeters thick, are classified according to size, shape, surface structure, and content.

Breast prostheses are classified into two types based on their shapes: round and anatomical (drop). After the operation, the middle part of the round silicones is thicker, resulting in a more voluminous image in the milk area.

Anatomical silicones, on the other hand, are shaped like drops, with the upper section being thin and the bottom part being thicker.After the operation, a more voluminous image is obtained in the lower part of the chest. This type of silicone is mostly preferred for breasts that do not need sagging, that is, do not need to be lifted.When classified as content; It is divided into two classes as silicone and saline content. Implants with saline content; It is divided into liquid silicone and cohesive gel. Silicones containing saline are easily placed with the help of small incisions to be made from the armpit area.As a result of any accident or injury, the salt water in the silicone may leak. But this does not pose a problem for the breast. There is no risk as a result of any accident-injury in hard gel-containing prostheses. Even when the molecules in it are cut, a leak does not occur.When they are classified according to their covers; They are divided into two as rough (textured) and smooth surface (smooth). The reason why silicones with rough surfaces are preferred more often is that the risk of forming a capsule around them is lower.

Breast Implant

Is breast prosthesis safe?

There is no relationship between breast prosthesis and cancer. Most of the patients considering breast prosthesis are afraid of this issue. However, breast prostheses do not affect cancer positively or negatively.

Another curious issue is bursting or tearing of the breast prosthesis. It is a very common mistake. Since breast prostheses are filled with cohesive gel, it is not possible to encounter a situation such as bursting or tearing.

The risk that may occur after breast prosthesis surgery is capsule formation. When a foreign substance enters the body from the outside, the body surrounds this substance with a membrane. Sometimes this membrane that the body turns over may be thicker than normal. In such a situation, you should consult your doctor and get the appropriate treatment for you.

How is breast prosthesis surgery performed?

Breast prosthesis surgery is an operation that takes between 1-2 hours using general anesthesia. The patient does not feel any pain. Before the operation, it is planned where the prostheses will be placed between the armpits, nipples and around the navel, together with the patient. Each region has certain advantages. This is decided together with the patient at the planning stage.

A 4-5 cm incision is made where it will be placed and the silicone is placed from there. There is no need to worry about these incisions because the scars become indistinct after the surgery and become invisible.

During breast prosthesis surgery, the milk channels are not touched and the nerve tissue is not damaged. The prosthesis is placed over or under the muscle on which the breast rests. This is determined by the patient's decision and body. After the prosthesis is placed, the breast augmentation surgery with silicone is completed by suturing.

Where Are The Incisions Made In A Breast Implant Surgery?

As with deciding where to place the implant, it is also not clear-cut where an incision should be made before having a consultation with the surgeon. Incisions are generally made in four areas;

1-) Under the breast: It is the most common type. An incision about 4 cm is made under the breast. In comparison with the other techniques, it is easier to place the implant, the recovery is quicker and it does not affect the mammary glands, the tissue responsible for milk production. The patient may ask themselves whether there would be a visible scar afterwards. As the incision is made under the breast crease, it will not be seen. After healing, the scars will be fainter and much less visible.

2-) Nipple: The implant is placed after an incision around the nipple. It does not leave a scar. However, it is not preferred when the implant is too big and/or the nipple area is too small.

3-) Armpit: With an incision under the armpit, an implant with any size could be placed. Although it is said by some that there won’t be any scarring afterwards, if a problem occurs during the recovery period, there is a risk of having a permanent scar that’s impossible to hide. It is also more difficult to perform compared to other incision methods.

4-) Belly Button: With an incision inside the belly button, a tunnel is created with a special tool that runs up to the breast. The implant, that will later be filled with a saline solution, is placed inside the tunnel. However, due to several facts such as that these implants may produce a sound when moving, may lose its size quickly after bursting and that it is really difficult to perform this type of incisions, it is not performed by surgeons in Turkey.

Should The Breast Implant Be Under Or On Top Of The Muscle?

The ideal breast implant placement is decided after consultation with the surgeon. There are several factors that affect this decision;

  • Type of breast implant
  • The size of the breast implant
  • The patient's health status
  • Patient's body type

It should be stated beforehand that neither is “better”. It all depends on how the patient wants their breasts to look.

The patient may want to have a breast implant larger than their own breast. In such a case, the breast tissue may not cover the entire implant and the implant may become more prominent over time. In this case, it would be more accurate to place the implant under the muscle.Some patients may no longer want to wear a bra after having a breast implant. They may want to have tight-fitting breasts without the aid of a bra. In this case, it is more appropriate to implant under the muscle. The implant is placed between the muscles and ribs, and this implant placement keeps the breasts upright. Wherever the implant is placed, it remains in place regardless of gravity and other factors.

Better results are obtained with implants on the muscle in patients whose breasts are not too saggy. If the implant is placed under the muscle and the breast continues to droop, the patient may end up with an implant that protrudes above while the breast droops down. If the implant is on the muscle, it will move with the breast, the results will look more natural and the patient will not need any procedure to correct the imbalance.

As mentioned above, the decision to place the implant below or above the muscle varies according to the patient. It is decided by consultation with the surgeon before the operation.

Should I renew the breast prosthesis?

In the past, breast prostheses had to be renewed every 15 years. However, thanks to the developing technology today, the prostheses used in breast prosthesis surgeries are guaranteed for life and remain in your body as on the first day. Therefore, you do not need to renew your prostheses.

However, up to 10 percent of people have their implants removed or replaced within 8 to 10 years. One of most commonly cited reasons for removal is dissatisfaction with the size and shape of the implant.


What Is The Recovery Period Like??

In order to reduce the discomfort that the patient may feel and to prevent infections, the patient should be hospitalized on the day of the operation, where appropriate drugs are given.

Follow-up is required after surgery, so the patient must stay in the country for a week. It is very normal to have pain for the first two days after the surgery. You can use pain relievers given by your doctor.

After breast prosthesis surgery, bands are placed on your incisions. At the end of the third day, you can take a bath without removing the band. In the first week, bruising and edema may occur around the chest. These will gradually decrease after the fourth day.

You can swim after 15 days. The band on the breast is removed when you come for the control in the second week. It is recommended not to enter the sauna for a year to avoid darkening of the scar and to apply sunscreen on the incision scar when going out.After the surgery, a compression corset is worn to help blood circulation in the area. The corset is worn for a month to bring the implants closer together and to get a better look.

The patient can return to work after 3-4 days. After 3 weeks, the implant stays in place permanently and the breast looks normal again. It is recommended to avoid all kinds of heavy physical activities (jumping, running) for 2 months after the surgery. From the 3rd month, your breasts will soften and you will get the most natural result.

Breast Implant



Is Breast Prosthesis Obvious When Looked From The Outside?

A prosthesis made according to the body of the patient who has a breast prosthesis cannot be understood from the outside. However, in patients who want an exaggerated appearance, it is obvious when viewed from the outside. In addition, the silicones produced today are not visible even when touched, apart from looking from the outside.

Does Breast Aesthetics Damage Milk Ducts??

Since the silicones placed under the breast tissue do not come into contact with the milk channels, they do not harm the milk channels. In other words, women can easily breastfeed after breast prosthesis surgery.However, the same is not the case with breast reduction and lift surgeries. Because some of the breast tissue will be removed, the milk ducts may be damaged.

What Shape Should the Breast Prosthesis Be?

Patients generally prefer round prosthesis. However, since this preference can vary from person to person and depending on the anatomical structure of the person, it would be more appropriate to discuss with the doctor and decide together which shape would be more appropriate.

Is There Any Scar After Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Unfortunately, after breast prosthesis surgery, the scars do not completely go away, they become more obscure and less noticeable over time. However, since these scars are already under the breast, they will be hidden by themselves.

Who Can Have Breast Aesthetics?

It can be applied to anyone who has completed breast development. So it is suitable for people over the age of 18. Breast reduction surgery can be applied under the age of 18 only if it causes some health problems.

Is Breast Lift Surgery Permanent?

After the breast lift operation, the breasts become full again; Breast lift surgery is not permanent. cannot prevent the breasts from rewinding. Breasts may droop again in the long term due to aging or giving birth again.

How Long After Birth Can Breast Lift Surgery Be Performed?

Breast lift surgery should be performed at least 6 months after the mother's milk is stopped.

When Can I Return to Work After Breast Aesthetics?

In breast aesthetic surgery, you only need to stay in the hospital for the first day. The patient can return home the next day. After the operation, it is necessary to rest at home for 3-4 days. Patients who have a job that usually does not require heavy physical activity can return to daily life 1 week after breast aesthetics.

What are Breast Prosthesis Prices?

Breast prosthesis prices vary according to the brand and shape of the prosthesis to be used. A clear price can be obtained with the pre-operative meeting.

Is It Possible To Increase The Breast Size With A Fat Transfer Surgery?

With the fat transfer process, it is possible for the patient to reach the desired breast size by using his own fat. However, it is not as permanent as a breast implant. Within 1-2 years, the fat tissue will melt and the patient will have to repeat the operation frequently. Therefore, it is not preferred to breast implant surgery.

What Should I Do Before the Surgery?

The patient should stop using any anticoagulants (aspirin, warfarin, etc.), pain relievers, multivitamins containing vitamin E, alcohol and birth control pills 7-10 before the operation.

How Long Will The Breast Implant Operation Last?

Depending on different factors such as incision method and implant size, the surgery may take 1-2 hours. In case of complications, the surgery may take longer.

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