Breast Surgery

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Breast Surgery

     Breasts are especially one of the most important parts of the body that may affect a woman’s self-confidence. Women with saggy, uneven or small breasts may feel the need to hide their breasts and may feel depressed or anxious. Because of this, breast surgery is one of the most commonly performed procedures with a high success rate and patient satisfaction.

Breast Implants


There are 2 kinds of silicone implants: 

- Round Implant

- Anatomical Implant (The silicone gel inside is softer than a round implant.) 

     While separated into two; there are in fact hundreds of different types of implants based on the volume, the size and the pointiness of it. Because of this, the patient must first explain to the surgeon what they desire in detail and it must be decided together with the patient which procedure is more suitable for their satisfaction. Our surgeon will provide you with the appropriate information to achieve the best results. However, it is important that you decide your desired appearance beforehand.

     Factors such as the body type, posture, height, weight and the width of the ribcage is taken into account while deciding on an implant type. The two foremost questions are what the patient wants to look like after the surgery and their breast shape. Anatomical implants are preferred by those who wish to have natural looking breasts “as if they weren’t operated upon”. Round implants are the choice to go for those who wish to have fuller breasts that are more prominent and striking.

Should The Breast Implant Be Under Or On Top Of The Muscle?

     Ideal breast implant placement is decided upon after a consultation with the surgeon. There are a couple of factors that impact this decision;

- Type of the breast implant

- Size of the breast implant

- Your health condition

- Your body type

     It must be mentioned beforehand that neither one is “better”. It solely depends on how the patient wants their breasts to look.

     The patient may wish to have a breast implant that is wider than their own breast. In such a case, the breast tissue may not cover the whole implant and over time, the implant could be more noticeable. In this case, it would be better to have the implant under the muscle.

     Some patients may no longer wish to wear a bra after having a breast implant. They may wish to have breasts that stay firm without the help of a bra. In this case, an implant under the muscle is more suitable. The implant is placed between the muscles and the ribs and this implant placement keeps the breasts upright. Wherever the implant is placed, it stays in place, regardless of gravity and other factors. 

     Better results are achieved with an implant on top of the muscle with patients whose breasts are not too saggy. If the implant is placed under the muscle and the breast continues to sag, the patient may end up with an implant that sticks out on top while the breast sags downwards. If the implant is on top of the muscle, it will move with the breast, the results will look more natural and the patient won’t require a procedure to fix an imbalance. 

     As mentioned above, the decision to place the implant under or on top of the muscle changes depending on the patient. It is decided upon with a consultation with the surgeon before the surgery.

Where Are The Incisions Made In A Breast Implant Surgery?

     As with deciding where to place the implant, it is also not clear-cut where an incision should be made before having a consultation with the surgeon. 

     Incisions are generally made in four areas;

1-) Under the breast:  It is the most common type. An incision about 4 cm is made under the breast. In comparison with the other techniques, it is easier to place the implant, the recovery is quicker and it does not affect the mammary glands, the tissue responsible for milk production. The patient may ask themselves whether there would be a visible scar afterwards. As the incision is made under the breast crease, it will not be seen. After healing, the scars will be fainter and much less visible.

2-) Nipple: The implant is placed after an incision around the nipple. It does not leave a scar. However, it is not preferred when the implant is too big and/or the nipple area is too small.

3-) Armpit: With an incision under the armpit, an implant with any  size could be placed. Although it is said by some that there won’t be any scarring afterwards, if a problem occurs during the recovery period, there is a risk of having a permanent scar that’s impossible to hide. It is also more difficult to perform compared to other incision methods.

4-) Belly Button: With an incision inside the belly button, a tunnel is created with a special tool that runs up to the breast. The implant, that will later be filled with a saline solution, is placed inside the tunnel. However, due to several facts such as that these implants may produce a sound when moving, may lose its size quickly after bursting and that it is really difficult to perform this type of incisions, it is not performed by surgeons in Turkey.




Is It Possible To Increase The Breast Size With A Fat Transfer Surgery?

     It is possible for a patient to acquire the breast size that they desire with a fat transfer procedure, using their own fat. However, it is not as permanent as a breast implant. The fat tissue will dissolve in 1-2 years and the patient will have to redo the operation every so often. Because of this reason, it is not preferable to a breast implant surgery. 

What Should I Do Before the Surgery? 

     The patient must cease taking any anticoagulants (aspirin, warfarin etc), pain killers, multivitamins containing vitamin E, alcohol and birth-control pills 7-10 before the surgery.

How Long Will The Operation Last?

     Depending on different factors such as the incision method, the implant size etc. , the surgery could last 1-2 hours. In the case of a complication, the surgery may last longer.

What Is The Recovery Period Like?

     The patient has to be hospitalized on the day of the surgery, during which appropriate drugs are given to lessen the discomfort that the patient may feel and prevent infections. A follow-up after the surgery is required so the patient must stay in the country for a week. You may bathe at the end of the third day and swim after 15 days. It is advisable to not go into a sauna for a year and to apply sun cream on the incision scar when going outside to prevent the scar from darkening. A compression corset is worn after the surgery to help with the blood circulation in the area. The corset is worn for a month to bring the implants closer to each other and achieve a better appearance. The patient may return to work after 3-4 days. After 3 weeks, the implant stays permanently in place and the breast appears normal again. It is recommended to avoid any kind of heavy physical activity (jumping,running) for 2 months after the surgery.